Our Facilities

Starts with the team

Our multi-skilled team has a vast knowledge of electrical and mechanical manufacturing techniques ensuring fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

Driven by the team members we operate a policy of continuous improvement in all areas of the business ensuring we deliver quality and value every time.

Automatic Cut, Strip, and Terminate process

The Artos CR11 can cut, strip, and dual end terminate cable up to 5 meters per second with ink jet marking capability as required.  This also has constant CFM monitoring to ensure quality and repeatability.

Automatic Battery and Power Cable Processing

We employ automatic battery cable processing to cut and strip various types of cable up to 150mm2 ensuring a clean and repeatable process in preparation for termination.

Inkjet marking

Inkjet marking available to mark various types of cable up to 6mm2 with any code, circuit number or information required.  This can be achieved by continuous print or predetermined spacing intervals specified by the customer.

Ultrasonic Splicing

Ultrasonic welding is a quick and easy method to join wires together as a splice. Ultrasonic welding is an industrial technique whereby high frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are locally applied to the wires being held together under pressure to create a solid-state weld.

The benefits of ultrasonic welding are:

  • High level of quality
  • Low cycle times
  • Neat Splicing
  • 0.75mm2 to 25mm2

Splice Encapsulation

Using QuickSeal, each splice or in-line diode is fully encapsulated with quick seal heat shrink tubing ensuring it is fully sealed to Raychem RK6771 specification.

Heat Shrink/Sleeve cutting

HSP, RNF, DWA heat shrink, PVC Sleeve, and Ribbon Cable cut precisely to length with100% repeatability.

Weather Seal and Power Press Application

Automatic weather seal application is available for most popular types of terminations; for example TE, ITT Cannon, Molex, JST, Sumitomo, Delphi, and Deutsch. All applicators are fully tested prior to use.

Electrical Testing

Full automatic and traceable continuity, shorts and HiPot testing are available using our Cirris testers.

Each Cirris module is expandable and has the capability to test single circuit to complex military and fully sealed harnesses. Further details of the capability can be obtained upon request.

Crimp Termination Quality

CFM along with a pull test Mecmesin machine with10,000 Newton capability is employed on a daily basis to ensure the quality and repeatability of all terminations.

Engineering Support

Capitol Harness

Capitol Harness is an industry recognised software package used in the design of automotive harness systems. Many of our customers use capitol harness therefore, we are able to integrate your design straight into our MRP system enabling our Customer Service Engineers to respond quickly with accurate proposals.


Our material planning is controlled through SYSPRO a package that controls our stock, material ordering, delivery schedules and accounts. SYSPRO is EDI capable both with customers, therefore, ensuring reliable and accurate data transfer.